Ä°kisi arasından bence de GTX 960. In terms of TDP the 380 holds a rating of 190w and requires two 6-pin connectors. The Benchmark issues an average FPS from all three tests, but a different minimum for each so our reported minimum is an average of those three just as the average is. This is an interesting one because the AVG fps do not show it, not really does the MIN FPS, but on the 380 we continue to see the hitching where the screen pauses intermittently, this is however not present on the 960, so for that alone the 960 walks away with a win here. 380 GTX 960'tan daha güçlü bir karttır. We Ran it using the in-game benchmark at 1080p with the High Preset as the Very High issued a VRAM warning. Pixel rate is calculated by multiplying the amount of Raster Operations Pipelines by the the core clock speed. I’m not sure there is anyone left in the PCGaming realm that doesn’t have this game at this point. Now that AotS is out of beta and has been officially launched it has been added to the benchmark suite. For latest tech news in your inbox, once a day! Based on 379,508 user benchmarks for the AMD R9 280 and the Nvidia GTX 960, we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the best 652 GPUs. Metro Last Light was run using the game’s benchmark utility set to 1080p Very High details, SSAA and Advanced PhysX left unchecked, and Tessellation set to Normal. Please note that the above 'benchmarks' are all just theoretical - the results were calculated based on the card's specifications, and real-world performance may (and probably will) vary at least a bit. Insgesamt erreicht die Radeon R9 380X einen gemittelten PCGH-Index von 45,6 Prozentpunkten (GTX … Fallout 4 was run at 1080p and the Ultra Preset (Gameworks features disabled) and was a set course from the exit of the initial vault running through Sanctuary, down to the Red Rocket, and down through Concord finishing in the Church next to the Museum. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Posted July 5, 2015 Which is better? 99 $ 239. We do try to filter out the wrong results as best we can, though. Digital Foundry nos trae hoy una comparativa gráfica de la AMD Radeon R9 380X vs Radeon R9 380 vs GeForce GTX 960, review que llega en buen momento pese a que la gráfica fuera lanzada hace ya algo más de un mes, y ello se debe a la reducción de precio que ha sufrido la R9 380X haciéndola un producto bastante tentador que, con una pequeña diferencia de precio respecto a la … This figure is calculated by multiplying the total texture units by the core speed of the chip. 1080p monitör için şu an en iyi fiyat/performans çözümü 380. 7870xt yi upgrade etmeyi planlıyorum yada biraz daha beklenmeli mi Some posts on Wccftech.com may contain affiliate links. Please note that the price comparisons are based on search keywords - sometimes it might show cards with very similar names that are not exactly the same as the one chosen in the comparison. })(); This site will work in just about any browser, but we recommend. After finding the idle power draw of the R9 380 to be much higher than where it should have been we found that when hooked up to the monitor used (Nixeus VUE24A) that when set to 144hz the memory clock would run at full 3D clock speed and not idle down, thus resulting in a higher idle power draw. Regardless of whether it’s for streaming, making youtube videos, or just sharing clips with friends being able to easily capture desktop and gameplay makes the total experience much better for the end user. Then the load measurement was taken at peak power draw during a Firestrike combined test was being run and all cores were at 100% and the GPU was at full 100% load. 1,868 posts 1,868 posts All hail the mighty Bob. (explain). (explain) Using a Kill-A-Watt power meter we took the idle power draw after the OS was loaded and had nothing extra running in the background. Well it’s clear to see that in this game either there’s no benefit of asynchronous compute engines or the drivers haven’t matured enough to take advantage of them. It is comprised of The Radeon R9 380 4G should theoretically be much faster than the GeForce GTX 960 in general. It’s fair to say with this game there is little performance differences between the two GPUs. © 2020 NewAge ADS, LLC. The better the texel rate, the better the video card will be at handling texture filtering (anisotropic filtering - AF). The better the card's memory bandwidth, the better the card will be in general. (function() { The GTX 770 has a 180 MHz higher core clock speed and 16 more Texture Mapping Units than the Radeon R9 380.This results in the GTX 770 providing 38.6 GTexel/s better texturing performance. Gtx 960 vs R9 380 Odpovědět | Zobrazit bez stromu | Upozornit redakci | 11 nových odpověd í propiska | 5. Submit GPU Benchmark. That kind of swing can lead to an inconsistent and noticeable judder if you’re not using an adaptive sync monitor. GeForce GTX Titan Black vs Radeon R9 390 8G, GeForce RTX 2060 Super vs GeForce RTX 2070 Super. It is measured in millions of texels applied in one second. While I will give Radeon credit for coming as far as they have with the Ratr and Plays.TV applications, but they simply aren’t as well rounded and user friendly as the entire Geforce Experience and ShadowPlay. The GTX 960 has its own strong points as well in the power draw and feature set and wasn’t far enough behind the R9 380 to be written off as a bad buy. idl.async = true; The GTX 960 has its own strong points as well in the power draw and feature set and wasn’t far enough behind the R9 380 to be written off as a bad buy. Much like the RotTR this game excites us because we now have two released DX12 games to keep in our lineup. I think these results are close enough to say you can’t go wrong with either if BF4 is your main squeeze. The AMD R9 380 succeeds the Tonga based R9 285. Je to +-stejné. All rights reserved. 6. We couldn’t resist having at least one synthetic benchmark in the lineup. Hangisini seçeceğiniz sizin beklentileriniz ile alakalı. However we did run B:AO using the in-game benchmark at 1080p using the highest settings (PhysX disabled) and 2xMSAA. First up is the XFX R9 380 XXX OC  ($219.99USD at Newegg) model. The number is worked out by multiplying the card's bus width by its memory speed. We ran DiRT Rally using the in-game benchmark at 1080p Ultra Preset with 2xMSAA. The 4GB of VRAM is on a 128bit bus with an operating frequency of 7010MHz. In this title the 380 pulled ahead a fair margin and was able to keep the average at 60FPS. It also uses a 128-bit bus, and makes use of a 28 nm design. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 vs AMD Radeon R9 380 4GB VGA 성능비교 - 하드웨어 배틀(Hardware Battle) Texel Rate: Texel rate is the maximum number of texture map elements (texels) that are processed in one second. Both of these cards handle 1080p well enough so pick your team, pick your style, and you won’t be disappointed either way. The R9 380 features the Antigua/Tonga core derived from the R9 285 with a bit work put into such as doubling the VRAM and now boasts 4GB instead of the 285s 2GB. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. For the most part it is, better bang for buck, most of the time. level 1 Solos Project | X5660@4.1GHz, GTX 970, 28GB ram GeForce GTX 960 vs Radeon R9 380 2G Intro The GeForce GTX 960 comes with a clock speed of 1127 MHz and a GDDR5 memory speed of 1750 MHz. Running Heaven at Extreme set to 1080p resulted in the 380 having a marginally higher MIN and AVG. Reasons to consider GeForce GTX 960 70 watts lower power draw. The GTX 960 has a … 98 Vergleichssieger vs vs 31 Fakten im Vergleich 1.17? We do see the 380 take a considerable lead here in both DX11 and DX12 as this game does take advantage of the ACEs that Radeon has integrated. Something to take into consideration with the results here, even though the 380 has the much more attractive AVG, that MIN is a bit lower than the 960s. Gathering results for the thermals and noise were done at the same time using a vacant desktop for idle, and let the GPU equalize temperatures while running Unigine Heaven after some time and took a temperature and noise level reading. Memory Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data (measured in megabytes per second) that can be transferred past the external memory interface in a second. Evet görünümde R9 380 daha performanslı olabiliyor ama şöyle bir baktığında güncellemeler ve bunun gibi önemli etkenlerle GTX 960 çok daha öne geçiyor. 7. var idl = document.createElement('script'); Your email address will not be published. Tutaj znajdziesz odpowiedź co wybrać do … Time to run the cards through their paces on the system setup for 1080p gaming. It’s easy, there’s a lot of people building their PCs or upgrading and simply don’t feel like waiting or simply need something today. Required fields are marked *. The 380 may have enjoyed a higher average but it also so much lower minimums resulting in the 960 being the better choice for this title. R9 380, performans olarak GTX960 ile GTX970 arasında kalıyor, oyundan oyuna değişmekle birlikte 960'a … Özellikle NVDIA destekli oyunlarda. We took our results from playing through the first 5 waves of the Hoth Survival mission with the game set to Ultra. Cooling is handled by XFX’s Double Dissipation Cooling system with 4 nickel plated copper heatpipes and two 92mm fans. We would have run the new Hitman game, but are waiting for the full game to be released before making the jump. We changed the monitor to 120hz and this was fixed, so we took the new measurements and adjusted the charts. Even though both cards came in fairly close, I was surprised to see the 380 in the lead on this one. With us being on the cusp of the Pascal and Polaris launch it may be hard to understand why we would be looking at how two mid-range 1080p cards are handling things today. Z hlediska spotřeby je na tom GTX 960 podstatně lépe a s i5 si vystačí i se sluÅ¡ným 400W zdrojem. Love it or hate it, there are still a lot of people playing BF4 so we ran the game through the opening jeep ride the campaign mission Tashgar at 1080p with the ultra preset. Rise of the Tomb Raider is the first really fun one on this list, because we get to run it in DX11 and then again in DX12 mode. 99 $ 239. десь важно понимать, что ни GeForce GTX 960, ни Radeon R9 285 не претендуют на то, чтобы Home > Grafikkarte Vergleich > AMD Radeon R9 380 vs Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 46 Punkte AMD Radeon R9 380 45 Punkte Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 $ 209. This game was run using the in game benchmark at 1080p with no FXAA but 2xMSAA and all setting set to Very High, Advanced settings were left alone. VRAM Put to the Test: 2GB vs. 4GB GTX 960 and R9 380, 4GB R9 290 vs. 8GB R9 390 By Steven Walton on January 4, 2016 Most Read 39 comments Reddit's patch for … Brakujące ogniwo - większość osób czekających na premierę Radeona R9 380X właśnie tak postrzegało długo zapowiadaną kartę graficzną AMD, której przeznaczeniem było zbudowanie pomostu nad przepaścią dzielącą Radeona R9 380 i GeForce GTX 960 od Radeona R9 390 i GeForce GTX 970. The EVGA GTX 960 SSC ($219.99USD at Newegg) has its specs that are quite different from its counterpart and features the, all new for the 900 series, Maxwell architecture and was originally released in only 2GB VRAM variants but for the sake of these tests we made sure and get a 4gb model for parity. Pixel Rate: Pixel rate is the maximum number of pixels that the graphics chip could possibly record to its local memory in one second - measured in millions of pixels per second. In addition to frame rates, thermals, noise, and power draw something becoming increasingly important to gamers is the idea of recording gameplay. Szukasz karty graficznej za 800 albo 1000 złotych? As much as I would have loved to been using Arkham Knight I feel it’s a moot point. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The only difference between the two cards is a tiny 2% GPU clock increase on the R9 380 but for the most part, the R9 380 is … 1080p monitör için şu an en iyi fiyat/performans çözümü 380. AW: R9 380 4GB vs GTX 960 4G Achte lieber auf die OC Karten, dass sind alle Custom Designs im takt gemittelt, was viel aussagekräftiger ist da man selbige ja im Endeffekt ja auch kauft Da ist NV minimal stärker, aber allgemein lässt sich sagen, dass die so gleich stark sind. I started this with the assumption that the R9 380 was going to be the clear winner. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The 4GB of VRAM is handled by the Antigua’s 256bit bus and clocked at 5700MHz effective. Before we jump into all the comparisons let’s take a quick look at the video cards in question here. It’s really hard to call an overall winner in this one, my suggestion is buy the one that plays the game you actually play the best, and comes in at the better price. It’s really hard to call an overall winner in this one, my suggestion is buy the one that plays the game you actually play the best, and comes in at the better price. Either way the GTX 960 walks away with the win here, especially in DX12. As far as performance goes, the Radeon R9 380 4G should in theory be quite a bit superior to the GeForce GTX 960 overall. Being that our model is an overclocked GPU, just like our R9 380, its core clock has been increased to 1279MHz base with a boost of 1342MHz (although while running we saw it stay at 1455MHz at all time under load). Both of these cards handle 1080p well enough so pick your team… R9 380 vs GTX 960 Moderátor: Moderátoři Živě.cz Odeslat odpověď Stránka 1 z 2 • 1, 2, • # od thejozo24 29. idl.src = 'https://members.internetdefenseleague.org/include/?url=' + (_idl.url || '') + '&campaign=' + (_idl.campaign || '') + '&variant=' + (_idl.variant || 'modal'); That aside, HA was run using in-game benchmark at 1080p with the Ultra Preset and 2xMSAA. In terms of overall gaming performance, the graphical capabilities of the AMD Radeon R9 380 are marginally better than the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB. Running AotS at 1080p and using the ‘standard’ preset with 2xMSAA we use the in game benchmark to get our results. Compare those specifications to the Radeon R9 380 4G, which makes use of a 28 nm design. This might be a strong point if your current power supply is not enough to handle the Radeon R9 380. With these frequency bumps we do see the TDP of this card raised from its stock speed of 1127/1178MHz its TDP has increased as well from 120w to ‘up to’ 160w. _idl.variant = "modal"; We Ran ME:SoM using the in-game benchmark at 1080p with the Ultra Preset. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Test kart graficznych AMD Radeon R9 380 vs NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960. ROPs (Raster Operations Pipelines - also sometimes called Render Output Units) are responsible for drawing the pixels (image) on the screen. document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].appendChild(idl); AMD has set the core frequency at 970 MHz. I started this with the assumption that the R9 380 was going to be the clear winner. Pokud víÅ¡ konkrétní hry, najdi si konkrétní testy (někde se daří lépe té, jinde druhé). Your email address will not be published. SW:BF grew on the engine that powers BF4 but is still worth taking a look at. Home > Ekran kartı kıyaslama > AMD Radeon R9 380 vs Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 46 puan AMD Radeon R9 380 45 puan Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 $ 209. Submit SSD Benchmark The retooled GPU core still features 1792 Stream Processors and this one comes clocked at 990MHz. nVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 vs Sapphire Radeon R9 380 Nitro nVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 vs Sapphire Radeon R9 380 Nitro TDP: 120 W | 3D Mark Fire 6330 | Pojemność pamięci: 2048 MB 5.1 na 10 pkt. 2015 20:18 Zdravím, možno sa toto už niekde tu na fóre spomenulo, v tom prípade mi to muselo ujsÅ¥. Radeon R9 380/4G - 43,4 Geforce GTX 960/4G - 40,8 doch das ist nur eine Vermutung. Display I/O features DVI-I, DVI-D, DP 1.2, and HDMI 1.4a. For Shadows each GPU got their respective shadow tech selection. The actual pixel output rate also depends on lots of other factors, especially the memory bandwidth - the lower the bandwidth is, the lower the potential to reach the maximum fill rate. Radeon R9 380X jest tylko nieznacznie szybszy od R9 380 4GB, ale zauważalnie droższy, również od swojego głównego konkurenta, czyli GeForce GTX 960 … Gigabyte’s Insanely Extreme WRX80 SU8 Motherboard For AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro Workstation CPUs Pictured, Report: NVIDIA RTX 30 SUPER Series To Be Manufactured By Samsung As Well, MSI Demonstrates AMD Curve Optimizer With Ryzen 5000 CPUs Running on B450 Motherboard & AGESA Patch D Firmware, ASUS Enables AMD Smart Access Memory Support For 1st Gen Ryzen CPUs on B450 Motherboards, Testing Shows Mixed Results, NVIDIA’s Arm Deal Presents A Potential $3.5 Billion Revenue Opportunity, Sapphire Radeon RX 6900 XT Nitro+ Flagship Big Navi Graphics Card Unveiled, Features Triple-Fan Cooling & A Small Factory Overclock, AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX Flagship 8 Core Cezanne-H Zen 3 CPU Leaks Out, Benchmarks Show Faster Performance Than A Desktop Core i7-10700K & Ryzen 7 3800X, Intel To Unveil 11th Gen Rocket Lake Desktop CPUs & Z590 Platform at CES 2021, Z590 Boards Sales Commence on 11th January, CPUs in March, Intel’s Full 11th Gen Rocket Lake & Comet Lake Refresh Desktop CPUs Detailed, Include 125W, 65W, 58W & 35W TDP SKUs, Newegg Angers Loyal Customers In Its Efforts To Reduce Scalping, NVIDIA’s Flagship Ampere Gaming GPU “GA102” Gets Beautiful Die Shot, Exposes The Entire Chip That Powers RTX 3090 & RTX 3080 Graphics Cards, ASUS TUF Gaming A17 With AMD’s Ryzen 7 5800H Cezanne-H & ROG Zephyrus With Intel Core i7-11370H Tiger Lake-H CPUs Spotted, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Launching In February, RTX 3060 In January 2021, XFX R9 380 (Thanks XFX) Crimson 16.3.2 , EVGA GTX 960 SSC Geforce 364.51. For the most part it is, better bang for buck, most of the time. However, we wanted to leave the original results to show the difference between a standard monitor power draw and a 144hz monitors. If DDR5, multiply by 4 instead. The GTX 960 features 1024 CUDA cores and 4GB of VRAM. So to that end we’ll be taking a look at how the R9 380 from XFX and the GTX 960 from EVGA stack up at 1080p from frame rate to software offerings. It especially helps with AA, High Dynamic Range and higher screen resolutions. It features 1792 SPUs along with 112 TAUs and 32 Rasterization Operator Units. The GDDR5 RAM runs at a speed of 1425 MHz on this card. It’s clear to see that both of these cards are very different in their specifications but how does all that pan out in the real world. If the card has DDR memory, it should be multiplied by 2 again. şu anda piyasadaki en fp kart hangisidir. window._idl = {}; While these two are close it’s clear the 380 is a bit better in this game in terms of AVG and MIN. The 970 would be a really nice upgrade from either of the two, and I would personally get that over a 960 or 380 any day.