Follow the three-month rule and upgrade it at the end of it, just like you would! Capsule wardrobes not only allow you to free up some space in your crowded closest, they also allow you to focus on the basics so you can easily switch up accessories for new looks. Don’t settle for the first thing you see that kind of matches the item on your wish list. … Taking the time to look up inspiration (I love Pinterest for this), evaluate your lifestyle and how you spend your time, plan a handful of outfits, assess gaps and put together a shopping list will give you a guide that will walk you through … I am still in the middle of slowly reworking this part of my closet. I love wearing jeans, casual t-shirts and sweatshirts and no shoes (if I could be bare foot all my life I would be happy but the next best thing is flippy-floppies). My ideal mix of shoes are a few casual flats (I’ll always love my white Converse! So if you're ready to plan for your next shopping trip like a Stylist, you're going to love this course! My problem (and it’s really more of an excuse, I’m realising that now) is the difference in style I can have from what I like to wear casually, and what I should be wearing for work. Genesis Framework. ), a few pairs of flattering boots and heels and a couple statement pairs, because there is nothing I love more than statement shoes. I tend to get a lot of mental blocks when cleaning out (like people on the show “Hoarders”) where I just feel like I can’t get rid of stuff, and the things I learned from this book always help me to keep making those decisions. I could either continue my shopping addiction and wind up in loads of debt. It sounds like you really know what you love! Maybe when she gets a little older…. The “ideal” capsule wardrobe looks something like these, according to the oracle that is The Internet: That is, a palette of grey (definitely) white and black; or grey, nude and white; or grey, peach and white… you get the idea. Great post! This spring/summer was the first time I put away my seasonal clothes (and the clothes that don’t fit me) and it really changed up how I got dressed. Be Patient. That part is a lot of work (I have returned SO MUCH stuff), but it’s totally worth it. This summer – 2 crop linen pants, one shorts, one jeans, one pair crop dressy pants, 2 tees, five blouses, and five dresses. Purge. I fancy Dr Martens boots but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be the right purchase. I’m excited to share with you all the latest Capsule Wardrobe e-Book! We use this field to detect spam bots. Here are some roundups of some of my favorite items in stores this season to shop, divided by category. I’ll never go back! **word association: minimalism, streamlining, organization, resourcefulness, mindfulness, simplifying, and my personal favorite – easy** Once you have a capsule wardrobe, GETTING DRESSED BECOMES SO EASY. It has a lot of homework that helped me to figure out my closet “issues.” I highly recommend it! These count: every day and weekend wear. I don’t do accessories and have two pairs of shoes – athletics and pink Birkenstock sandals. xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena ladt but not least, I love your blog/posts/style but above all Nova. I tend to get in a bad habit of online shopping way too much. How to budget when you live paycheck to paycheck. Learn how your comment data is processed. I got it from Asos (the brand is Mango) xx! I recently lost some weight and honestly like 75% of the “goal clothes” I was hanging onto were not even things I wanted once I could fit into them. 6. Even if you don’t buy a ton of clothes, you need to have things that fit you well that make you feel good right now. This is huge and I have benefitted from it immensely. Step 3 to organising a capsule wardrobe: Mix and Match. Get your free copy of The Simplicity Quick Start Guide: 25 Ways to Simplify Your Life in 10 Minutes or Less. Today, I am starting a three-part series about capsule planning! Second, does your original time frame still feel like a good fit? I believe that to get the most out of your experience, you need to tailor your rules to your lifestyle and goals! I love seeing your capsule wardrobe posts! High fives for embracing this current season of your life! xx. This denim jacket is a bit oversized and so cozy. Especially if you donate after or sell to someone else. On the left, you can see I labelled it Collection A #001, and below that I created a space for my fabric swatches. I LOVE them. I really want to get into that. These heels are so cute and flattering that I bought them in white and then went back for the black pair. In this first post I'll share our free download that you can use to plan your capsule and TONS of links to items in the different categories. Like I said above, I don’t limit my capsule to a set number of items. In this first post, I’ll share our free download that you can use to plan your capsule and TONS of links to items in the different categories. printable | MY CAPSULE WARDROBE PLAN quantity. When I get all my shopping done for the season it is so nice to free up all that time and use it for more important goals and passion projects in my life, like working on my children’s book, sewing for fun or writing for my family blog. Step 3: Build your capsule wardrobe This is just not me, although I get the eminently sensible idea … Plus, there are Regular, Plus and Petite … I'm Stacy, a lifestyle blogger living in Portland, Oregon. Just realized that- oops! It’s time to choose a capsule! So if I end up with 100 items, great—I don’t care. So for me I love to do this because I spend a lot of time on it for a few weeks and then I don’t really have to think about clothing for a full season. Sign up for our newsletter and get a FREE Holiday Gift Tags Printable. Capsule … It’s a huge waste of time! I’ve always hated feeling limited by a certain number but the way you described it really helped me. I do relate to the feeling of not wanting to buy clothes because I was working on losing weight (I did that for years- honestly) but I think that making your closet work for your life in this current season is the most important thing. Capsule wardrobe is just a trendy-cool name for a small collection of useful clothing that you love that changes with each season. This is when you'll plan for the next capsule. Everyday essentials; Trousers; T-shirts; Tops; Dresses; Party wear clothes; Back To TOC. I hope the roller skates make an appearance as part of your capsule wardrobe this season , Haha! I think this category is so key for confidence! Looking forward to see and to read more! You can do this on any budget! Midi Skirt. A Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle blog founded by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Small Capsule: 8-16ish Pieces Can create 30+ looks; perfect for travel! Is it even wise to spend on clothing right now? I have a more tailored one that I love with dresses. 17 Lessons | 3+ Hours Of Content | 30+ … This is my key motivation. Click here to download our capsule planning sheet. Choose 10 items in each of the following categories: formal wear (smart pants, skirts, … Clothes that have a negative memory attached to them must go. My goals are to simplify my process of getting dressed. The piles a month old at least. I am really enjoying the feeling of being super picky now that it feels normal to me. Can you tell me the brand? It’s for the Fall 2020 season and includes 100 outfit ideas. This site uses affiliate links. Or the store you got it from? I’ll share more about this in my second post. Wow- thanks amazing Leah. I have swatches of all my fabrics with details in that binder. Then, I tried the 5 piece capsule wardrobe (can you say “Crazy!”). Thanks for helping lighten up both mentally and in my closet. Done! In my second post, I’ll share the best tip that changed the way I shop forever. In Simplified Style®, there are chapters for each season of the year, each with its own wardrobe plan. It makes a somewhat see-through blouse… Category: Uncategorized. One benefit is saving money. An issue I’m dealing with right now is I have a very minimal wardrobe since I donate stuff time to time. I love your reasons why doing the capsule. I’d love to chat in the comments if you have any questions or thoughts about planning an autumn capsule! When your closet only has clothing that fits and that you like to wear, getting dressed is quicker and more fun. Hi there! And your tips are great by the way (will definitely try to use them). I have saved so much time getting ready in the morning. I always end up saving money by planning and sticking to a capsule, but it is not my main motivation. You can even create a capsule using only things you already own if you want. Dresses and Jumpsuits. Send me feedback on the 2nd version of the capsule. Another benefit is becoming a more conscious consumer. I am jealous! By all means, pamper you kids, but plan it in a way that accommodates space and budget too. In my How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe guide I go over step by step how to minimize and make a capsule wardrobe. She is awesome and has a wonderful name. OK! I haven’t even been roller skating one time since we got Nova. I too have so many clothes and wouldn’t want to limit the number but yes to clothes that I will wear/fit/love. Think of your capsule wardrobe as a place where you can easily find items to wear on a daily basis. How to plan and structure a capsules wardrobe? My rules are simple! Finding jeans that fit just right, skirts that are the right cut and length, the perfect cozy overalls and a few pairs of pants that are a little more dressy is all I really need. I finally settled on the idea of a year round capsule wardrobe, on my terms. I get it. Nov 7, 2019 - A quest for a stylish, flexible wardrobe. Shoes. Another benefit is saving time. Dare I say that this is the fun part? I’ll share more soon … I am still finishing my returns and finalizing the capsule. * 30% of our fee has to be paid in advance. Staud Orchid Skirt ($245) This story was published at an earlier date and has … How much is in your capsule is sooo personal and, I think, should happen naturally. Have 50+ tabs open on your browser in search of that next item to buy. Assign a destiny to each pile of clothes. Here are a few of the outfits made of pieces from my fall capsule (all these items are linked above except the exact Madewell overalls, which are sold out now). The rest will be billed once we have sent you the final version of your Capsule Wardrobe and shopping plan. My vision is to live a simpler life, and I want to share that journey with you. My capsule wardrobes have been used by thousands of moms ahead of you who have loved the instant refresh to their style! I’d love to read more about your journey! I’m excited to share my capsule wardrobe planner so you can start saving time … I love shopping, but shopping every night (online) is a waste of time. The reason is that your plan will provide the guidelines for what you should keep versus … In my second post I'll share the best tip that changed the way I shop forever. Wake up in the morning feeling excited to get dressed. I used to keep SO many clothes that didn’t fit me (either too small and I was justifying them as “goal clothes” or they needed alterations that I hadn’t gotten around to). Information on capsule wardrobes as well as travel packing lists. Resist the temptation to make another impulse purchase. I’m always reading capsule wardrobe posts but I can’t seem to attempt it myself, haha. You will have a classic capsule wardrobe.. And finally, having a … Love the way you broke everything down into categories, and your free and easy approach to a capsule. And in my third post I'll share my fall capsule. Add to cart Quick Checkout1. I have a few bags to donate to people who can use them, one bag to throw out, and a wardrobe that I’m very happy with. Now granted, following your tips, if I create a wardrobe that is season specific, I just have to go through the pain of building it and after that, I just have to pick from it as I know it will work. Why is a capsule valuable? Thanks for the sheet too. Excellent! I always struggle to find enough tops and I tend to do the most returning in this category—maybe it is just me! It’s easy enough in the summer (dresses, skirts, cute sandals) but when comes our ugly, snow ridden, cold as the arctic winters, I don’t want to be wearing dresses or have my legs exposed in anyway to the elements. Feel like you’re always buying new clothes but have nothing to wear. How to declutter your closet: Step-by-step guide. Tops. Black | White | Gray. I have probably only 15-20 items in my closet at any one time. So you know you want to start a simplified capsule wardrobe but you feel a little lost on how to get started. Our motto is stay home and make something and we hope our site will inspire you to do just that.