Brandneue VW T6 California Edition nach dem Baukastenprinzip mieten und gratis Tourentipps mitnehmen – das ist das Konzept der Ahoi Bullis Campervermietung. Another problem is the camper side. Der Campingbus ist sehr gut ausgestattet und es wird dir an nichts fehlen. The inside is styled out in wood and aluminum trim, which sounds like something out of a hipster farm-to-table restaurant, but looks clean and appropriate here. I’m now considering a Transit or Sprinter, because I don’t want a minivan. I will. But here’s a very sticky issue: once you get it here you are going to have a very difficult time finding people who will work on it. Nicht suchen sondern finden - Camper mieten bei OCEAN VAN. If memory serves, the Eurovan has always been a really expensive van too, and VW has sold plenty of them in the US. The company should reconsider its decision of not launching the van in the USA. Kein überflüssiger Schnick-Schnack macht den Volkswagen California Ocean zu einem absoluten Klassiker. But until then, I’ll keep my Eurovan oiled and tuned. But I will probably build one. Beste Ausstattung und top Service. 96000EUR list price. Trinh, who commented on 8/13, had the idea a California Pre-Order. My gear is B list, and probably obsolete at this point. I have money in hand. VW brought a bunch of T6 camper vans to the states last year and they were all given high praise by the media. Restoration "I have always wanted to ride in a vintage VW bus, and this road trip did not disappoint - We had such a blast riding up the PCH with friends!" Making payments is one of the main reasons a lot of us have to get up in the morning LOL! Part of the problem was nonexistent marketing and perhaps a misplaced need to own a Sprinter or nostalgia for a VW. Auch auf Dusche und WC muss man hier nicht … C’mon VW, you’re creative! There is indeed a market for these vans! 4000 to 6000? I’d willingly part with my money for one of these whenever they decide to bring em stateside. Mit seiner komfortablen Innenausstattung und den durchdachten Details, macht er jeden Trip zu einem unvergesslichen Abenteuer. Mercedes start at $160k – that’s price is a deal breaker for most people. They need to bring samples to the US and tour shows with them. Toss that clucking ankle biter into my signature Pterodactyl Stew. In unserer Ausstellung finden Sie stets rund 30 VW-T5/T6 Transporter Kombi, Multivan, Caravelle, California Comfortlineund California Beach. Schau mal rein! Dein Roadtrip wird zum echten Erlebnis mit deinem Volkswagen California. We have been waiting for a new van for so many years since there’s really no great replacement for a VW Rialto. It’s possible to get one here. VW Anschlussgarantie bis zu 36 Monaten mögl.-langjährige Erfahrung im VW California EU-Neuwagenhandel - faire Preise und kompetente Beratung - Wunschbestellung möglich - VW T6.1 California Reimport Coast Ocean - Preisgarantie bis zur Lieferung - Unsere Preise sind Endpreise ohne versteckte Nebenkosten I wish I could post a photo of our 2012 Nissan NV 2500 Sportsmobile with pop top and same floor plan as our ‘83 West. Shame on u VW!!!!! 'Chicken Tax'? – Tesla: 197,517 vehicles. My understanding is that the van hasn’t been tested to meet US standards and that is why it isn’t being sold here. adresindeki Kış koleksiyonumuzun en yeni Spring Summer Season modellerine göz atın. Check it out below. by Justin Housman | Aug 12, 2019 | Overlandia | 108 comments. “Torquey”? MikeA. Mit unseren VW California Ocean und Sunlight Cliff 600 XV-Kastenwagen bist du für alle Anforderungen deines Camping-Urlaubs gerüstet. Unsere eigene Vermietflotte umfasst nur Neufahrzeuge bzw. The company that brought us one of the first camping ready vans, the Microbus, and later iterations of the Vanagon and even the underrated Eurovan, sells a van purpose-built for camping and living out of, calls it the “California,” looks at the booming market for overlanding vehicles and camper vans in the US, and still refuses to sell it here. We had 2 westfalias while i was growing up. I will buy her one, have her drive it long enough to make it “used”, and then have her ship it home to us. “Once the people that want them buy them, that will be it for sales.”. Pfft. They bought a rebadged Chrysler T&C, with a couple VW specific items, like MMI interface, but it was a $45k mini van. I travel internationally for my job and every time we’re out and about a coworker will always comment derisively about how “small” and tiny the foreign cars are (Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. Michigan radio interviewed the press relations pro at VW, Christian Buhlmann, a few years ago when the California first debuted and here’s what he had to say about keeping the van out of the US: “It’s either love ’em or hate ’em. Hotline 0231 7925111 - jetzt den Westfalia VW Camper mieten mit der Campervan Vermietung aus Dortmund in NRW. Brandneue VW Bullis nach dem Baukastenprinzip mieten und gratis Tourentipps mitnehmen – das ist das Konzept von Cultcamper. Ford can sell boatloads of Transit vans, for example, but they’re one of the Big Three, so they can sell a ton of anything they make. Both of these problems are solved by the super trendy n cyclically stylish (you don't even have to be a camper to want/drive one of these) VW California. In der Küche hast du immer zwei Gasplatten, zwei Unterbauschränke mit Besteckschublade, eine 42l-Kühlbox und ein Spülbecken mit dabei. Starte jetzt deine Traumreise mit California Camper 24 ! A lot of the bells and whistles in a van like the VW Cali are not necessary and a home build (if you/I can do it) is far cheaper and more specific to your personal needs. I thought it was a desert mirage– it instantly grabbed my eyes and heart. Don’t know why the article singled it out…, I just got back from road tripping through Europe… those California vans are everywhere and all I want is to sell my Honda Element and get one. We aren’t air traveling, we have no idea when we will get back to active air travel. Plenty of diesel mechanics around that can fix these. Für Dein Abenteuer, Wochenende oder Deine große Reise! Damit du genau weißt wie alles in deinem VW Bus funktioniert, haben wir ein Video gedreht. Happy vanning! Good Article and good comments. Speaking of which, town that is, standard parking spots are 18 feet long. In our travels, we have only seen 1 as well. Eurovans and other variants are in high demand, (wife is Czech). As much, anyway. And most Americans over 30 would be way too fat to fit in anything that small. Pleasure-way used the Dodge Ram van and basically ripped of the VW California layout. LOL I dunno why I just invested so much time in this rant. Egal ob Surftrip, Familienurlaub oder Wochenendtour – bei uns ein Wohnmobil mieten heißt voll ausgestattete VW Grand California zu fairen Preisen. Anything?? It’s called the “Tofino”. By the way, we also have the last year for the smaller Tiguan. Last — kind f annoying that Adventure Journal was too lazy to call up VW themselves and get some one to comment in 2019, instead of relying on an interview “a few years ago.”. Either way I just got back fr om Czech Republic and Austria and there are a lot of these VWs on the road. And my kids would be thrilled to find this in their inheritance! That represents 2% of the total 17.4 million new vehicles sold in the US, making VW the 13th largest brand (out of 35) by vehicles sold. When your love for Volkswagen extends far beyond the driver’s seat, Volkswagen offers the items and accessories you need to voice your brand appreciation—loud and clear. So take the VW T6.1 California with you and explore Scotland or get in … Jetzt ausprobieren mit unserem sensationell günstigen Testangebot, exklusiv verfügbar an unseren Stationen in Bern Wankdorf, Basel City, Zürich Kloten und Hagenholz, Crissier und Vernier. VW T6 California Ocean Version 6.1 Starten Sie Ihre Camper Ferien ohne grossen Aufwand und mieten Sie sich einen legendären VW Büssli in Zürich. The I.D. Rent a brand new camper van and explore Europe the best way possible. Das erlaubt uns eine besonders flexible und schnelle Abwicklung. All of which is displayed and operated through a clean-looking display above the windshield. A pop top seats 4-5, sleeps 4. All my friends talk about either moving or getting one of these to be able to evacuate quick. An unforgettable summer weekend festival with friends. How many would sell in the US? VW T6 California mieten mit STARCAR: Wenn Sie bei der günstig-gelben Autovermietung einen Campingbus mieten, reservieren Sie kein explizites Modell, sondern eine Fahrzeugkategorie. I would be willing to do some research on this, if you don’t know. Let’s put some context around that number. Die Premiere des neuen VW California 2020 auf dem Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. Millenials would gobble them up. I say bring one of those camper vans to the US and see how many orders you get for them, especially if they under 50,000 dollars. Loved the fun we had!!!! This thing would sell like hotcakes in the US. The 2022 VW I.D Buzz is not a camper, and I prefer the body style of the California. Dein Roadtrip wird zum echten Erlebnis mit deinem Volkswagen California. Not at all. You can opt for shade spots, low limbs, car access only, etc. Ob ein Kurzurlaub am Meer, das Familienabenteuer oder die Elternzeit im VW Bus – wir vermieten komplett ausgestattete VW Camper zu … Your email address will not be published. Alle Camper sind weniger als 24 Monate alt. Times have changed. It’s comfortable, intelligently designed and very powerful, we were on the Autobahn’s of Germany where there is no speed limit and it easily kept up with the Porsches, BMW’s and Mercedes driving well over 110 MPH. ... you can rent one of our Volkswagen T6.1 California Ocean in Kiel starting in June 2020! vw t6 california mieten - deine vorteile. 4 Plätzer 2 x Liegefläche für 4 Plätze Markise Aufstelldach Anhängerkupplung Camping Tisch & -stühle Standheizung Navigationssystem Parksensoren und Rückfahrkamera 2.0 l TDI, 150 PS Durchschnittsverbrauch ab 7.2 l pro 100 km Ausgerüstet mit Ausgleichs-Keilen und Kabelrolle Komplette Kochausrüstung mit Geschirr für 4 Personen DSG-Automatikgetriebe At $50k, almost no one under 30 could afford it. Fremde Länder erkunden und sich trotzdem immer wie Zuhause fühlen: Der California 6.1 ist Freiheit pur. The base model starts at nearly $50k, without shipping charges, which, sure that’s a lot of money. Den VW T6 California Ocean mieten bietet dir außerdem noch den Luxus eines integrierten Navis, einer Rückfahrkamera für bequemes Rangieren und Einparken sowie die automatische Abstandsregelung für entspanntes Cruisen auf Europas Straßen. Plenty of vans to chose from. Diesen bietet Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge grundsätzlich in zwei Ausstattungsvarianten an: Den VW California Coast und den VW California Ocean. Yes Europeans mainly get a lot of time off. Not a fan of that collaboration, at all. These are Euro6 engines which are very clean running so I can’t see any problem with the EPA. This year we’re excited to see Volkswagen finally breathe new life into the classic camper van with their 2020 Grand California. Not to mention the back log of people that are paying $50-200K to have vans outfitted just like these. the Rialto is an eyesore or should I say a quite generic styled van so, why not bring back the delicious super functional vw California van and watch it take off?? We need to discontinue the sloppy, twee trend of adding a “y” to nouns and calling them a adjectives. <–BOOM. The setup is an offshoot of the Transporter van, which you can’t buy in the US, probably the reason they won’t sell the California here either—more on that in a moment—and the new California is the T6.1 version. There is an RV market, true, but those RVs are much larger in size than what we currently offer. You’re right on both counts: the basic vehicle (VW Transporter) in this generation (and the previous 2) was never engineered for the US. Speak for yourself—any of my 6 grandkids could afford it since they have good income and live with parents who don’t charge rent and buy all their food ; ). 150 PS Diesel / Automatik. Converting the kitchen into a spacious eating area takes seconds. If so, how did he respond. I’ve been tracking this and waiting since 2014 and I know that it’s not just enthusiasts but It’s families, Couples, teens, elders… everyone talks about wanting the perfect camper/eurovan.. it’d be a dream to have a newly built one!! Camping-Tisch und Stühle sind serienmäßig mit an Bord. There’s a two-burner stove, the front captain seats swivel, the rear bench seat reclines, the tables stow easily for huge amounts of floor space. But, it might work if you could order one for delivery in Europe, drive/camp and ship it home. Waren die ersten Modelle aus der Serie VW California Wohnmobil noch recht spartanisch und zweckmäßig eingerichtet, so bleiben heute bei einem VW T6 California Wohnmobil kaum Wünsche offen. VW Rentals. Nicht suchen sondern finden - Camper mieten bei OCEAN VAN. Cruise California in a Vintage VW Camper Bus Choose a Bus . Seems like they could get it to where they only need to sell 50K or even 10K vehicles to make a profitable. Since van life has rocketed into the mainstream culture, the vintage VW bus solidified itself as an iconic symbol of nomadic freedom. Those are people who are hardcore fans for this segment, but they’re just too few to justify making a new version of this only for this market. Just not the same at a ridiculous price. Pass the yearly emission test? But people are climbing over each other to drop twice that on a Sprinter van, buying far, far more van than most actually need, and Mercedes isn’t complaining. Same $+ for a 4×4 conversion. VW hasn’t sold an original van in the US, since the Eurovan. I am very disappointed in VW! The “California” name alone makes it seem as though Volkswagen is trolling us. My current business imports from Europe and brings containers over on a regular basis. No more were built. Also, NO ONE sells 200,000 camper vans a year in any country, don’t know where that figure came from. That’s the closest you can get right now. Saw so many of these vans on the road. Well, PJ Williams, we can at least dream about one!! Did Christian ever have a chance to receive your well-articulated commentary? It’s like listening to a politician, doctor, judge, mechanic, window drapes salesman, etc. Notify me of followup comments via email. . Buhlmann went on to explain that VW is aware people love vans in the US, but they’d need to sell 200,000 units to make it worthwhile, economically. I was told at my VW dealership that it would cost the VW company quite a lot of money to do the testing to verify that it meets our standards. Well this article didn’t age well. Seems to be a very huge criteria for importing one. In addition, Volkswagen have to bring over the complete T6.1 Diesel infrastructure. Our Rialto’s are aging. Bequem schlafen mit bis zu vier Personen ist leicht - im VW California Ocean Edition. A beach house, ski chalet and return ticket, all in one. I woukd willingky sell my house and buy one of these as my full-time home but nooo – we can’t have anything that intelligent in America! unlike that cumbersome RV. Could be the deal. Two adults can fit up here, actually, with a second bed down below. Had a little propane tank built onto the back. Allesamt fachmännisch aufbereitet, mehrfach durchgecheckt und sofort verfügbar.Unser aktuelles VW-Bus … – Cadillac: 153,863 vehicles In the meantime, VW is promising the electric new bus, the “ID Buzz” will hit US dealers in 2022. April zur Verfügung stehen. All of us Rialto owners have been waiting a long time. Wir nehmen uns Zeit für dich und unterstützen dich bei deiner Reiseplanung. By American standards, I'm poor. All unsere Bullis haben selbstverständlich Abstandssensoren vorn und hinten, damit du dir beim Einparken und Rangieren leichter tust und natürlich ein 7-Gang Automatikgetriebe. So why can’t we get this thing here? You can do this! With VW Camper Rental Lonely Planet is renowned for its detailed guides, maps, and commitment to providing the best information for travellers. Essentially it’s as if you took a Vanagon Westy Syncro and modernized and electrified everything and gave it a torquey, fuel-efficient diesel motor. Der VW California ist das Fahrzeug deiner Wahl wenn es um ausgereifte Technik, zeitloses Design und clevere Funktionen geht. Now it’s garage kept unlike a RV. I am also disappointed the California is not available. Parts is a non issue. That’s an interesting point. I would love a new camper van. I can bring them in. Point proven once again by Bulhmann's take on 2004 America in 2016 — or whenever the BLOODY interview was conducted. And and getting parts is going to require importing most items from Europe. But there are many people here that will buy a shell van and convert it on their own. So, we get the, uh, Tiguan. Der VW T6 California wird als Fahrzeug mit hochwertiger Ausstattung auch anspruchsvollen Campern gerecht: Eine voll funktionstüchtige Küchenzeile im Fahrgastraum erlaubt auch auf Reisen eine hervorragende Verpflegung, die Sitzplätze sind ausgesprochen komfortabel und lassen sich nachts in gemütliche Schlafplätze umwandeln. Yes, it’s true, VW has been producing the California model since 1988. That stat from my arse was more of a tie into my entire rant, wherein I can't go to town without seeing multiple PT Cruisers — one of the most accident prone (cause, windows are for nerds) vehicles on the road. Problem with shipping one home is getting parts and service. Europe is waiting for you. We have a 1999 Eurovan Camper that we love.Was offered what we paid for it last year!